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Breaking The Bonds


Breaking the bonds between that undesirable past and the future that you dream of.

Best Sellers

Creating A Movement

The goal is the empower and change the lives of youth. Helping them to see that they are not alone, that many have and are currently facing the same fears, traumas, and heartbreak that they are. Helping them to know that everything they dream of and desire are possible regardless of what they have been through. That it is that resiliency and decisions and choices that can keep them on the path to everything they want.

Alexia Sanchez, CA

"The students loved her message and they flocked to her after the presentation. Jennifer will deliver a positive message to your student body, and the students will be engaged in the presentation and afterward."

Samuel James, NY

Completely relatable. It is evident that Jennifer has been through so much and that is what makes her the best person to work with my students."

Lisa Coverton, MI

"My students absolutly love the message that Jennifer spreads. I have never seen them so responsive and motivated. It is truly a movement of change."
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