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Jennifer Marcus is a highly sought-after youth keynote speaker, empowerment coach, and successful business owner. Jennifer has been challenged, and overcome, by issues related to racism, physical & emotional abuse, and child abandonment. Life experiences such as these, have created expectations that nearly exceeded her abilities, such as finding employment to pay rent while being a full-time student at the age of thirteen. Unfortunately at this age, Jennifer’s mother also suffered from a drug addiction, and used the household’s limited income to feed her drug habit. Jennifer’s presentations provide the successful strategies that she implemented, to her audience, in order for them to master their challenges. 



Early Years ...

At the age of fifteen, Jennifer reached a pivotal stage in her life after moving to California with a few older friends. While outside visiting with friends, an eight ounce piece of lead-alloy, traveling at 2,600 feet per second pierced her body. She was shot in a random drive-by and was taken to the hospital. While laying in the hospital bed, attached to monitoring devices, Jennifer made the decision that she deserved better; and demanded it. Upon her exit, she immediately set a course to be on the right path. She got involved in sports programs, clubs, and other initiatives that allowed her to use time wisely. It was those decisions that she emphasizes throughout her presentations that developed her self-confidence and led to a range of achievements.



Family is extremely important to Jennifer because it gives that dynamic of support, of love, and of grounding. Growing up, Jennifer never had that family unit. Throughout her journey she learned that family does not have to be blood; that they are the people around you that give you hope, support, hold you when you need to cry, give you truth when you need to hear it, and most importantly show you that unconditional love.

As a speaker Jennifer is deeply saddened when she hears someone say that they have no one. She remembers what that feels like and is here to tell everyone especially youth, that your family is in your friends that always have your back, your family is in your teachers or adults that support and inspire you, your family is in the groups, clubs, and homes where they show you that unconditional love.

As for Jennifer, although mostly not blood related, is large in number and when she is speaking, they are her rock, her support, her cheerleader, her critics, and most importantly they are always there for her!



Jennifer’s passion is to do anything she can to help children to have a healthy and happy childhood. For those that incur problems Jennifer wants to be that support, that mentor, and that teacher, to help them understand they are not alone. She also wants to send the message that they are worth saving and through their decisions and choices they can still have that future they envision without negative road bumps (drugs, gangs, jail, etc)

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