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Author: Jennifer Marcus

Title: Breaking The Bonds


I See You!


Breaking the bonds between an undesirable past and the future that you dream of


Within these pages, you'll not only witness the raw realities of a life tested by adversity but also follow the transformative journey of resilience. The narrative doesn't stop at despair; it takes you through the essential steps of Creating a Plan, envisioning My Future, Breaking Your Bonds, and carving out Your Future. Each chapter is a compass guiding you toward empowerment, offering profound insights that echo with the essence of your own life's challenges and triumphs.


Dive into this book as you wish – start from the beginning, explore chapters that resonate deeply, or head straight to the sections that directly mirror your own struggles and aspirations. And to elevate your journey, an exclusive workbook, tailor-made for your reflections and growth, awaits your discovery.


In this book, you will learn:

· Through the different stories they will learn how each was handled.

· They will learn how to apply the three steps in their own life.

· They will learn how to look at things differently.

· They will learn how to reflect on the different topics.

· They will learn to journal and write their feelings and thoughts.


Equip the young minds you care for with the ultimate tool for resilience and growth. A groundbreaking book that empowers teens and young adults to break the bonds of trauma, unlocking their true potential and guiding them towards the future they’ve always envisioned. A must have resource for teachers, counselors, and parents dedicated to nurturing the dreams and well-being of the next generation

Breaking The Bonds Hardback

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