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Keynote Speaker I Empowerment Coach I TV Producer I Business Owner


“I'm here to show you how you can break the bonds between a non-desirable past and the brighter future ahead of you."

 - Jennifer Marcus



 Jennifer Marcus

Jennifer Marcus is a highly sought-after youth keynote speaker, empowerment coach, and successful business owner. Jennifer has been challenged, and overcome, by issues related to racism, physical & emotional abuse, and child abandonment. Life experiences such as these, have created expectations that nearly exceeded her abilities, such as finding employment to pay rent while being a full-time student at the age of thirteen. Unfortunately, at this age, Jennifer’s mother also suffered from a drug addiction, and used the household’s limited income to feed her drug habit. Jennifer’s presentations provide the successful strategies that she implemented to her audience, in order for them to master their challenges. 


In Action Now!


"If you want to give students and staff real skills that they can use to be successful, Then Jennifer is the speaker for you. . 

Everything that Jennifer teaches  will not only help for what is happening now in their lives, but also will be skills and inspiration that they will use the rest of their lives."

Alexa Young, High School Teacher


She overcame diversity and uses that ability to teach others to do the same. This is one thing that really sets her aside from others. The desire, the passion, and the calling that she has to serve, to mentor, and above all to help youth to know that they are not alone is what drives her to do everything she does daily.

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